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Our Rates & Services

Looking for a professional videographer or real estate photographer in Mankato? We’ve served over 700 homes in the Greater Mankato area since 2011!

Real Estate Photography Rates

  • $125  – up to 2000 total SqFt
  • $200  – 2001-4000 total SqFt
  • $275  – 4001-6000 total SqFt
  • $350 – 6001-8000 total SqFt
  • Add $100  – Twilight Exterior shots

Real Estate Video Rates

  • $125  – up to 2000 total SqFt
  • $150  – 2001-4000 total SqFt
  • $175  – 4001-6000 total SqFt
  • $200 – 6001-8000 total SqFt
  • Add $100  – Cinematic video (in ultra-high def)

Add-On Services

Looking for some extra bells and whistles to make your property really shine? Need rapid turnaround? We’ve got you covered.

  • Standard Video (starting at $125)
    1080p with stock music and sliding motion
  • Cinematic Video (starting at $225)
    Beautiful 4k resolution with custom stock music, sliding and walk-thru motion
  • Aerial Photography & Video (starting at $125 for photos / $250 and up for video)
    Get a birds-eye view of your property (great for estates and properties with visual highlights to show off)
  • Dusk/Twilight Exteriors ($100)
    Includes 1-2 front exterior images (great for properties with especially-nice lighting and landscaping)
  • Same-Day Rush ($25)
    Delivered within 4 hours of shoot: GUARANTEED (for when you absolutely-positively need to get your MLS listing submitted ASAP)
  • Reshoot ($10/image)
    Seasonal exteriors/interiors, remodels, etc. (Don’t be the one listing in May that still has snow in all the exterior pics.)

Additional Services / Custom Work

Every project is unique to the home and brokerage. Looking for something not listed here? No problem! Please contact us for a custom quote (we usually respond within 1 business day.)

  • Scripted Property Videos (starting at $500)
    Includes either a Narrator or Actor on-screen talking about your property.
  • Lifestyle Property Video (starting at $600)
    Includes possible vehicle rentals, hiring models, and/or property staging to convey a certain lifestyle (ex: Luxury Home, Pool/Fun Home, Country Retreat, etc.)
  • Agent Promotional Video (starting at $1000)
    We’ll help you create a 3-5 minute video to introduce you to potential clients. A great way to build trust and rapport by sharing a glimpse into your life.


1. Copyright is owned by the photographer. Rates are cost of service, not the purchase of photos. Photo licensing, which is valid for the marketing needs of the agent for the life of the current listing, is granted upon payment of invoice. Images may not be re-used by another agent or entity without the purchase of a usage license through Mankato Home Tours.

2. The rates shown are specific to real estate photography and video as the technical and licensing aspects differ. If you are an architect, builder, business owner or designer in need of commercial photography, please contact us for a quote on your project.

3. Pricing does not include travel costs. Travel is covered for shoots within Mankato / North Mankato. All other areas within 50 miles will be charged $.50 per mile round trip from city center Mankato, and outside of 50 miles will be charged $.75 per mile. Please contact for travel costs outside of a 100 mile radius from Mankato.